Why should your Business have a Local Listing?

…to tell customers how to find you!

With 1 in 5 searches being relevant to a location, having a Local Listing with up-to-date business
information is essential to having customers find your business.  It will not only increase your business web rankings, but will make it
easier for potential clients to find your business online.

Local Listing offers visibility for businesses to:

  • Get found as a Local Listing
  • Get listed with keywords that match your business
  • Communicate with your customers with your Listing, whether it be your product or service, your hours, your location and many other criteria
  • Gain Statistics to measure your Local Listing results and make strategic decisions for your business
  • Greater control of ‘organic’ search visibility, rather than pay for search engine optimization
  • Establish the foundation for Mobile Opportunities and Advertising