Please note: We only deal with one industry type within an area. Please call/chat/email before purchasing.

Which Plan should I choose?

  • Basic

    If you are a small company that needs to be visible, but don’t rely on the internet to be found, then this package would suit your business. This gets your business found by the major search engines and aggregator, along with a monthly report to track reviews.franchise | SEO Local Geeks

  • Standard

    This is for the business who wants to be found by their customers and need to keep their reputation and reviews clean for new and ongoing customers. This encompasses the minimal and routine steps that are needed to get visible, along with needed interaction from your business to rank. With continuous monthly activity, most of our clients get on the first page of Google between 6-8 months, many much sooner, depending on reviews and quality of website

  • Premium

    This is for businesses who want to be found locally, but with a high quality listings, including high quality images. In addition to the standard service, we can take care of most of the local steps necessary to rank high and keep the rankings, including managing reviews, reputation and managing social on a minor scale. If you don’t have anyone on your staff, or don’t want to be involved in the day to day monitoring, posting and maintenance, this is an ideal package for your business.

  • Custom

    This is for businesses who have multiple locations, or have a brand they want to promote. Ideal for franchisees or brands. Before proceeding, we do a intensive analysis to realistically predict results. Some brands have factors that make it difficult or impossible for all locations to rank; i.e; bad reputation, bad reviews, url structure. Please contact us for more details and in-depth analysis of what we can do for your brand/franchise.

100% Guarantee | SEO Local Geeks

Are there any contracts?

No. Cancel Anytime. However, if you choose an annual plan, you can save 2 months per year. If you decide to cancel within that year, we will refund the prorated portion back to you at the normal monthly billing rate.

Money-back Guarantee

We offer a unconditional money back Guarantee. If you any reason, you are not satisfied with our service, we will fix the issue. If you are still dissatisfied, we will refund the monthly fee. We do not refund previous months for services rendered.

IF AT ANY TIME you are not satisfied with WP Security Geeks we will gladly refund your money, for the current month.